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Animal Crossing New Horizons: April Sea Creatures


In this months update of Animal Crossing New Horizons, you'll be able to catch 20 different sea creatures in the Northern Hemisphere and 23 in the South.

But what new creatures can we expect to get in April? 

New Creatures


Unfortuenatly, there are no new creatures coming to the Northern Hemisphere. However, there are a few new creatures appearing below the equator.

In the South, you'll now have access to; Seaweed, Spiny Lobster and the Venus' Flower Basket. 

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Although this month's addition is small, it does give those in the Southern Hemisphere more exploring to do!

Creatures leaving in April

There will also be 5 creatures reomved from the game in the April update, 3 in the North and 2 in the South. 

This keeps the rotation of creatures feeling fun, fresh and rewarding without getting too repetitive. 

In the Northern hemosphere we'll be losing the Sea Cucumber, Snow Crab and Spider Crab whereas in the South we'll only lose the Giant Isopod and the Spotted Garden Eel. 

Release Date


The April update started on 18th March 2021, meaning you can get access to these changes right now!

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We can also expect a host of gameplay updates and changes later in April when the next update launches. 

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