Animal Crossing New Horizons Will Keep Getting Updates In 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may have launched in March, but the game has received near-constant updates – from seasonal events to quality-of-life improvements.

That looks set to continue into 2021, with Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser telling Polygon that "we definitely see that continuing" when asked if updates are likely to be of a similar pattern.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Will Keep Getting Updates In 2021

It certainly makes sense, with the game being updated for each season in 2020.

Animal Crossing fans have been able to earn items in holiday-themed events such as Easter and Halloween, and these changes have helped the game stay relevant months after launch.

There have been new mechanics, too, like the ability to go diving.

The game has been a mainstay on social media throughout the global pandemic, and with no real end in sight, it sounds as though it'll be a great game for newcomers to sink their teeth into over the festive period.

For more from Bowser's interview, be sure to check out his thoughts on a 'Nintendo Switch Pro' releasing in the future.

We've also got a handy guide on everything you can expect to enjoy as part of the game's festive event, Toy Day.

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