Nintendo Switch At "Midpoint" Of Its Lifecycle, According to Nintendo Boss

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The Nintendo Switch is at the "midpoint" of its lifecycle according to Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America president.

Speaking with Polygon, Bowser also noted that the Switch Pro which has been rumoured for a while is not something the company is looking at focusing on any time soon.

“We believe we’re just at the midpoint of this life cycle on [the Nintendo Switch] platform,” the exec said.

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Nintendo Switch At "Midpoint" Of Its Lifecycle, According to Nintendo Boss

"The momentum on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in the fourth year is strong,” Bowser noted.

“And we believe we’re changing the trajectory of another typical console life cycle."

“And we will continue, for the foreseeable future, to really lean into both of those platforms and the content that comes with it, because it’s the symbiotic relationship that makes the real difference," he added. "And it’s why Nintendo Switch is so differentiated.”

Bloomberg recently reported that Nintendo had begun requesting devs make their games 4K ready, but from the sounds of things the company is in no rush to push a new console onto the market.

The Switch has been selling well since launching in early 2017, and as of September of this year was approaching 70 million units sold.

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