Animal Crossing New Horizons: New Screenshots At Walmart

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New screenshots have appeared showing off new gameplay from Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Six new screenshots have been spotted at Walmart thanks to Facebook user Renee.

You can see the new images below!

Keep up to date with everything Animal Crossing by watching below!


New Screenshots

An amazing wooden log bridge is shown off as the player's character is stood on it catching a fish!

The log bridge was actually shown in the Animal Crossing Direct, costing a whopping 98,000 Bells.

It also looks like the fishing tournament returns as we see multiple villagers joining in.

animal crossing new horizons walmart screenshot fishing

In the second screenshot, it appears a Villager birthday party is going on in someone's beautiful home - complete with a pinata.

You'd also be keen to notice the snazzy shades two villagers are wearing and the very vibrant decor.


In our next screenshot, we can really admire the detail of the snow and shadows during this holiday-themed snap.


Our fourth screenshot is of a crafting workshop in a player's house.

Although nothing really stands out, it's a great example of all the small trinkets and detail that this new game will include.


Next up is a shot of the aquarium in the town museum.


Our last screenshot shows off the wonderful world you can explore and the amazing creatures you can expect to encounter!