Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Do The New Duplication Glitch

A new duplication glitch has been discovered in Animal Crossing New Horizons and it's far more specific than the most recent one that was patched back in March.

First discovered by Artificial Switch on YouTube, this fairly simple process will require a few items to do it.

Here's how to do the new duplication glitch in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Unfortunately, the glitch has been patched and no longer works, be sure to bookmark the page for upcoming info on duplication glitches!

New Duplication Glitch Tutorial

This tutorial can be slightly tough to follow, so we recommend watching the video below:

  1. First, you'll need a 2x1 table (e.g. the low wooden table), a 2x2 table (e.g. the wooden block table) and a 2x1 item (e.g. a TV or katana).
  2. Place the tables in the middle of your home's original room and place your 2x1 item on the smaller table.
  3. Open the item placement mode (push the down arrow on your controller) and select the smaller table.
  4. Move the table to the next side of the table without rotating.
  5. Drop the item so it's slightly overlapping the table, but remains perpendicular - it will rotate itself once placed.
  6. Do this three times and then leave the room. Once you return it will have been duplicated!
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