Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get INFINITE MONEY

Animal Crossing New Horizons released this past weekend and already an infinite money glitch has been discovered!

Bells are the currency within the Animal Crossing world, they are used to purchase all sorts of items and projects that Tom Nook has for sale.

Want to find out how to get millions of bells? Let's find out!

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Nintendo Switches? 

A YouTuber by the name of AbdallahSmash026, posted a video detailing this newfound exploit within New Horizons that has the method about getting bells the fastest way possible.

Do not fear, this is just an exploit there is no cheating or going into the game files here. Let's take a look!

How To Get Infinite Bells In Animal Crossing New Horizons

So there are some basic guidelines that you are going to want to follow for this glitch to work. Noted in the above video, you are going to need to make a new town on your same account. This can be done by using different users on the Nintendo Switch. 

Next, you are going to want to initiate local multiplayer with the two users in the same town

Then you are going to want either the Cardboard Box or some sort of Wood Table that you can place outside. 

Then you are going to want to grab your Nintendo Switch in-game item that you receive as a gift from Nintendo on the first day.


Head outside with your two users and place the Switch on the table - according to the video the second you rotate the Wooden Table or whatever the Switch is on, that will essentially duplicate this item.

Using the second account you are then going to want to rotate the table, which duplicates the item. So, in order to do the exploit, you are going to want to rotate with one controller and grab the item (Y) with the other. You can continue to do this over and over until you have a maxed-out inventory. 

Each Nintendo Switch sells for around 7000 bells and if you have the New Horizons special edition Switch, it sells for around 9000 bells. 

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