Animal Crossing New Horizons: Most valuable items revealed according to player demand

Animal Crossing New Horizons shows no sign of slowing down, but items in the later game can prove expensive.

Thankfully, Nookazon has crunched the numbers to find the game's most sought-after items to help fund your island adventures.

Keep up to date with everything Animal Crossing by watching below!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Most Valuable Items

If you're looking to sell items to other players using Nookazon, you should be stocking up on the cutting board, Ironwood dresser, crescent-moon chair and fish bait.

The other valuable item is the Nook Miles Ticket, which is a whole gateway into the game's slightly unsettling black market of villager trading. 

Similar site Nook.Market ranks the Cute bed highly, as well as the pinball machine, floor light, Cute DIY table, espresso maker, Imperial Partition, double sofa, soft-serve lamp and Cute sofa.

If any of those are high on your own personal wishlist, you might need to outbid other players for them!

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