Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to get every item in the game using Nookazon

Animal Crossing New Horizons is here, and players have been racking up DIY recipes, get rich schemes, and snazzy new furniture at a rapid rate.

If you're fed up of grinding for that one item you really want, or need to know where the best turnip prices are, you'll want to check out Nookazon.

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Nookazon is a new third-party site (i.e, not affiliated with Nintendo) that offers a buying and selling platform for in-game goods.

Using the site, you can make an offer using Discord or Twitter, or check another player's wishlist in case a trade is an option.

It's not just furniture, too, so you can find crafting materials like star fragments and more. In fact, you never know what you'll find, so it's worth checking back each day.

If you're particularly picky, you can even use it to find new villagers – or pay a fee to visit an island with a high turnip selling price. Capitalism, eh?

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