Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Unlock Toy Day Early

New Horizons has been one of the best games to release this year.

The game has been progressing along smoothly since it released back in March.

Now, players all over the world are patiently awaiting the next major update.

This is going to come in the form of Toy Day for New Horizons and will have an ample amount of new features.

But, some of you may be wondering how to gain access to the event early.

Here's how!



If you have played New Horizons, you are well aware that the game follows your Nintendo Switches clock, along with the date and time.

So, the Toy Day event is not supposed to go live until 24th in your local time zone, some players are already checking out the update.

So, if you are interested in checking out the update there are a few steps you are going to have to follow.

The first one is to make sure your Nintendo Switch is set to the 'Guam' time zone and set the time to past 5:00 am.

This can be done within the Switches internal date and time settings, and it should not be hard to find. 

Next, you will have to restart your console and load up New Horizons.

When loaded up, make sure your game reads version 1.6.0c.

This will indicate the event files are loaded up and you will gain access to Toy Day. 

Have fun checking out all the new and amazing content they have added this year! 

Be sure to let us know what your favorite seasonal event was within New Horizons this year. 


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