Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get And Make An Axe

Animal Crossing New Horizons offers players the chance to craft a number of items to help construct their perfect island - one of the most important tools is the axe.

The axe allows players to cut down trees for wood and other materials.

Here's how to find an axe and the recipe to craft one.

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How To Get An Axe

There are two ways you can get yourself an axe.

Firstly, crafting one seems to be the easiest way, as the components are relatively easy to find. 

Or secondly, you can purchase one from Nooks Cranny.

Although this would seem like the easier option, they aren't always available, so if you're feeling lazy, keep your eyes peeled for an easy buy!

How To Make A Flimsy Axe

To craft a flimsy axe you will need the following materials:

  • 5 x tree branches
  • 1 x stone

Tree branches can be found by shaking down trees and stones can be found around the island.

You can then craft these together at Tom Nook's crafting bench.

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Gold And Silver Axe

Players will be able to make more durable items such as the regular axe, silver axe and golden axe.

The regular axe can be crafted from a flimsy one and an iron nugget, while the silver axe can be purchased from the gift shop. 

To unlock the golden axe you'll need to purchase at 50 tree saplings from the garden shop.

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