Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale Event Guide: How To, Rewards, Times and Everything You Need To Know

New Horizons was one of the games of the year in the eyes of a lot of gamers.

The Festivale is an event that players have not had the chance to participate in yet, but it should be arriving with the new January Update! 

With a release date solidified for this event, players are patiently awaiting the start date of this event.

Below is a full guide to the event!



The event is going to kick off a little while after the January Update is released.

As it will begin on the 15th of February. 


Feathers, Candy, Rewards, and More! 

Pave will give you the goal of collecting items over the course of the day.

In previous games, this has ranged from candy to features. So we can expect the same this time around.

As well, players will be able to earn some amazing rewards for completing this objective during the day. 

One aspect that has been confirmed will be that players will need to decorate the island according to Pave's directions and we will also need to collect feathers! 


Pave Furniture

For completing the above objectives Pave will give to you during the event, the player will be able to pick some rewards from the Pave Furniture collection.

Check out some samples of the rewards from previous games below! 


More News

In the leadup to the event, we are sure we are going to receive more news surrounding this event.

Check back for any new information in the coming weeks! 


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