Animal Crossing New Horizons Father's Day Event NEWS: Dates, Rewards, Characters And More

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As has been a tradition in the franchise, the Father's Day event is expected to arrive in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

While we're in the thick of Nature Day and May Day, with more holidays on the way, Father's Day is expected to arrive on its designated date!

Let's check out all the details about Father's Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Unlike some other events, the day Father's Day occurs on depends on the region of the world you are located in.

Check out the dates below: 

  • North America: Third Sunday of June
  • Japan: Third Sunday of June
  • Europe (English/French): Third Sunday of June
  • Europe (Spanish/Italian): March 19

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No information has been officially released on how this event will work or what's in store. However, a recent data mine from @FireMonkey__ has confirmed its existence. The description that comes with it says:

"Father's Day is when we say "Thank you for watching out for me, Dad!" But what should go into a gift mug for Father's Day? How about all your love, for starters?"

Perhaps we will see something similar to Mother's Day, including a special mug.


During the course of New Horizons, the player has been receiving notes from their mother but never from their father.

So, on Father's Day this is one of the first letters you get from your father; check out what players have received in previous games courtesy of animalcrossing.fandom.

Animal Crossing

  • "Father's Day falls on the third Sunday of June. The player receives a letter from Dad, even though he is not quite as avid as a writer as Mom. If the player talks to Tortimer, he will give them a locomotive model.'

Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  • 'Dad will send the player a letter with a red carnation attached, similar to receiving a pink carnation on Mother's Day.'