Animal Crossing New Horizons Mother's Day Event NEWS: Dates, Rewards, Characters And More

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As has been a tradition in the franchise, the Mother's Day event is expected to arrive in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

While we're in the thick of Nature Day and May Day, with more holidays on the way, Mother's Day is expected to arrive on its designated date!

Let's check out all the details about Mother's Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


The Mother's Day event in Animal Crossing is going to occur on the same day it happens in real life.

As the event has yet to be officially confirmed, the dates are not clear. However, we're expecting it to arrive on the same date as the real holiday - 10th May.

Whether this event will continue over a week-long period, as most events have, is unclear.

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What Happens? 

Although it is not a complex holiday such as Bunny Day or Christmas, there is still something the players will notice on this day. 

Instead of sending a gift to your mother, who you have received letters from during your playthrough of New Horizons, the player will receive a letter from their mother, as well they will also get some sort of gift.

From now until 31 May 2020, players can obtain a new ‘Thank-You Mom mug’ in the game.

To obtain it, simply head to the Nook Stop and access ‘Nook Shopping’, go to ‘Special Goods', go to the ‘Seasonal’ tab and you'll get the 'Thank You Mom' mug available at 600 bells.

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In a recent data mine from @FireMonkey__, it has been confirmed that the event will take place at some point and has the following description:

"Mother's day is a day for saying "thank you" to the warm, loving person who always watches over you. What should go into a gift mug? How about all of your love for starters?"


Previous Game Rewards? 

You can check out what players received in the previous Animal Crossing games courtesy of Animalcrossing.fandom.

New Leaf

  • "The player receives a letter from the player's mother with a Pink Carnation, with a comment that the player's mother has kept all of the gifts the player is said to have given her over the years, or a similar comment to one made in City Folk, stating that the player's dad "actually helped [the mother] with the housework today. If only it could always be like this." It could be inferred that the player has given pink carnations to their mother before, and she is returning the favor. The player will get pink carnations from their mother and red carnations from their father to make white carnations."

City Folk

  • "The player will receive pink carnations in a letter, similar to receiving a red carnation on Father's Day."

Wild World

  • "The player receives a letter from the player's mother with a Pink Carnation. She will request to player to reply back, which is impossible in the game."

Animal Crossing

  • "The player will receive a Lovely Phone from the player's mother."
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