Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Items To Duplicate With New Glitch

Another duplicating glitch has surfaced within the Animal Crossing World and you better act fast before Nintendo patches this one again!

It's slightly more limited than the last glitch, so you'll only be able to do it with certain items.

So what items should you duplicate? Take a look here!

How To Do The Glitch

If you do not know, you can take a look at our full guide here or take a quick look at the steps below to duplicating items, 

  • First, you'll need a 2x1 table (e.g. the low wooden table), a 2x2 table (e.g. the wooden block table) and a 2x1 item (e.g. a TV or katana).
  • Place the tables in the middle of your home's original room and place your 2x1 item on the smaller table.
  • Open the item placement mode (push the down arrow on your controller) and select the smaller table.
  • Move the table to the next side of the table without rotating.
  • Drop the item so it's slightly overlapping the table, but remains perpendicular - it will rotate itself once placed.
  • Do this three times and then leave the room. Once you return it will have been duplicated!


Best Items

You are going to want to duplicate some of the best items you have ready to use on your island. Although some of the ones we are going to list are pretty hard to obtain on their own, we will also talk about some of the easier items to obtain items that may be worth duplicating. 

  • Arapaima model - 30,000 Bells
  • Katana - 2,500 Bells
  • 50 Inch TV - 24,750 Bells
  • Oarfish model - 27,000 Bells

Now, these times have a pretty heft price tag on their own and with the exception of the Katana, these can all be obtained as rewards with CJ.

For the Katana, this is one of the random rewards that Gulliver will leave in your mailbox if you help him with finding the communication parts. 

Let's take a look at some of the easier items to obtain and duplicate now. 

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  • Nintendo Switch 
  • TV's (Not the 50 Inch version) 
  • Any kind of furniture - duplicating a lot of these can prove to be a good return
  • Any sculpture or statue that you may have purchased inside Residence Services or obtained by other means

Be sure to duplicate your items ASAP! We never know when Nintendo is going to patch this glitch, so the faster you do it the more Bells you are going to be able to obtain!

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