Animal Crossing New Horizons - Do flowers die in the winter?

Animal Crossing New Horizons flowers winter

Animal Crossing New Horizons flowers winter

Seasons come and go in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, bringing various types of weather with them. When winter starts to arrive, you may be wondering what will happen to all your beautiful flowers when the snow comes. We will answer an important question - do flowers die in the winter?

Do flowers die in the winter?

The answer is no! The flowers you have cultivated across your Island will NOT die off during the winter season. Even if your island is covered in a blanket of snow, your flowers will survive. All the hard work you put in to plant or steal flowers will not go to waste.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter Flowers
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However, you will still need to tend to your plants and keep those pesky weeds at bay if you want them to flourish.

What does snow do to your flowers?

If your Island experiences snowfall, then your plants will love it! During the winter season, snowfall acts like rain does in other seasons and will water your flowers for you. This will help them breed, and you could potentially end up with new flowers.

To find out what type of flowers can emerge from this breeding process, have a look at our guide on flowering breeding and hybrids.

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