08 Apr 2021 8:31 AM +00:00

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Do Flowers Die In The Winter?

The lockdown savior that is Animal Crossing has been implementing seasonal updates throughout 2020.

With small events, content updates and other bonuses sporadically thrown into the mix.

Now, the game has released a brand new Winter Update and there is a lot in store.

The upcoming Toy Day is on everyone's minds, as this will be the first Christmas within New Horizons.

Now that the months are getting colder, you may be wondering what will happen to all your beautiful flowers when the snow comes.

Will they die off or remain the same? We have all the answers down below!



Will They Die? 

A large concern among Animal Crossing players has been whether or not their flowers will die off when the snow occurs.

This, of course, happens in real life; as we do not see bright colorful flowers all year long.

But thankfully, Animal Crossing is a video game so they can bend the rules of reality as much as they like. 

Going off previous Animal Crossing titles, it appears that the flowers on your island will NOT die off during the Winter season.

This has never happened in previous games, so we do not see why it would change this time around.

This is a massive sigh of relief for many players; as all the hard work to plant, certain flowers will not go to waste.

Be sure to let us know what your favorite aspect of the new Winter Update is! 


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