Inner Sloth Announces Three More Among Us Roles, Cosmicubes, and More

We knew shapeshifters were coming to Among Us along with one other new role, but Innersloth shattered expectations and announced three new Among Us roles along with a progression system and more.

We've outlined how the shapeshifter works already, but the three other roles are:

  • Engineer: Can use vents
  • Scientist: Accesses vitals and recharges battery by completing tasks
  • Guardian Angel: Can cast a protective shield around surviving crew members

As with the shapeshifter, you can adjust the likelihood of these roles spawning in the settings menu.

Inner Sloth Announces Three More Among Us Roles, Cosmicubes, and More

Cosmicubes are the other major new feature, and it's a bit of a convoluted one. These are a mix of paid and free cosmetic items bundled into a cube that you'll buy using Beans, earned through playing the game, or Stars, bought with real money.

However, you'll need a third currency, Pods, to actually unlock items. You'll obtain pods by playing the game as well, but you have to possess an active Cosmicube first.

Finally is XP, earned based on how long you play. Gaining levels rewards you with more Beans and Pods, and any earned or bought currency will remain active indefinitely.

Innersloth said they're planning several collaboration Cosmicubes as well, though didn't mention what they might be.

All XP and items can be accessed on your account through any platform, except Nintendo Switch. Stars purchased on Switch can, for now, only be used on that account.

Among Us launches December 14 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Innersloth teased even more announcements between now and then.

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