Among Us: What Does Third Imposter Mean?

If you've played Among Us, no doubt you've heard the phrase 'third impostor'.

You probably don't know what it means as I didn't.

At first, I thought it just meant there was another impostor but this is not the case.

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What Does Third Impostor Mean?

Playing Among Us, you likely get called sus or suspicious pretty often, usually with no proof because why not.

Every so often you might be called a third impostor, most of the time there are only two impostors so what does it mean?

It's pretty much another way of saying that someone is sus but other than that is not the impostor.

This could be someone who is wasting time, not doing tasks, accusing others for no reason or just voting people for the sake of it.

I'm getting really bored if getting called sus for no reason...

I'm just trying to team up to stay safe together, I'm not chasing you!

Although there's not a massive amount of harm done by this playstyle, it's extremely annoying and can actually make the game boring for others.

Sometimes people will call someone a third impostor simple because there actually is a third impostor, but usually, they won't make the point of it.

Now you know what third impostor means, feel free to call someone out, that's what the game is all about!

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