What Time Does the New Among Us Map Release?

What time does the new Among Us map release?

Among Us’ airship map will release March 31, but developer Inner Sloth hasn’t announced a specific release time yet.

Presumably, the Among Us Toppat airship will release around midnight EST, though we expect Inner Sloth to make an announcement of some kind once the much-anticipated fourth map goes live.

The Among Us airship map is the game’s biggest map yet. 

In addition to new hats and new kill animations, the airship map includes new tasks and even new ways of getting around.

Inner Sloth is launching Among Us’ account system alongside the airship update, adding ways to address community problems and ensure everyone can enjoy a safe, fun round of bean murders.

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What Time Does the New Among Us Map Release?

There are floating platforms our favorite beans can use to avoid the long way around, and ladders help connect some of the stage’s massive areas.

Of course, the imposters can use these to ambush and kill crew members too.

Inner Sloth has kept quiet on what the new Among Us tasks are, but the airship trailer offers a couple of clues.

One new tasks involves struggling with garbage bags in the medical bay, and there’s new terminals and new file tasks scattered around the ship as well.

The Among Us airship map is likely just the first major new update.

Inner Sloth said in their developer blog the only reason it took this long for a new Among Us map is the massive amount of interest once the game launched, which made maintenance and bug fixes a higher priority.

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