Among Us Airship: All New Hats Confirmed for New Map

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Among Us is a game that managed to gain a huge following during the pandemic, giving fans a simple multiplayer experience where you try to find the killer in a group who are trying to survive in a spaceship, which is similar to a lot of popular board games that people would play during gatherings in a much happier time, hence the game’s popularity.

Despite its simplicity, Among Us does give fans some fun customization options, a number of which you’ll have to pay for, including hats, which makes the simplistic character models have a bit more personality, which is why fans are so pumped for the upcoming Among Us Airship map, making the game feel fresh again for those that were tired of the setting, and adding more hats for players to wear.

Among Us Airship: All New Hats Confirmed for New Map

Thanks to the Among Us Twitter account, we’re able to see two of the new hats coming to the game and they all look pretty neat, to say the least.

Angry Eyebrows is a really fun one since having cartoony eyebrows on these characters is cute and can capture the mood of those that were wrongfully suspected.

Unicorn is another cute one since seeing that horn on a player will probably make players smile, at least until they kill you later.


It will be interesting to see how the new setting and customization options change things up for the game and we hope it continues to be a success.

Among Us is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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