Among Us Map 5: Leaks, Release Date, Theme, New Tasks And Everything We Know So Far

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The Innersloth team has outlined a roadmap with everything we can expect to see come to Among Us after the release of 15 player lobbies.

The confirmation of Map 5 was revealed, however, there is little information regarding this new map but here is everything we do know.

Release Date

There is currently no release date set for Map 5, although now 15 player lobbies are in the player's hands, the team will be hard at work to get Map 5 to us as soon as they can.

There are many new features planned to come to the game, and we are unsure if we will see a large update bring in multiple at a time or have them slowly added over time.

Map 4 was announced on the 18th of March and later released on the 31st so we can assume the same timeframe for the launch of Map 5 once it has been announced.

Among Us Map 5: Leaks, Release Date, Theme, New Tasks


The Innersloth team is very secretive when it comes to announcing content and this time is no different.

If there are any leaks for Map 5 you can find them here.


There has been no information or teasers as to what the new map will look like, however, many fan theories out there seem to think we might be receiving an underground map, as the majority of maps are either in the sky or space.

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During the road map announcement this is all we got of Map 5.
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During the road map announcement this is all we got of Map 5.

New Skins

While there are new colors and unique cosmetics already in the works, we can expect to see a special bundle release alongside the new Map.

New Tasks

While we do not know of any new tasks coming with Map 5, with any new release, we can expect to see many new tasks added with the map that relate to the theme of the map.

If we do indeed see an underground map, this will allow the team to add more unique tasks to the game, that differ from what we see in the sky.

Check back later for any updates once we find out more information regarding Map 5, and what the future holds for Among Us.

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