Will Among Us Map 5 Finally Be Underground?

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Among Us fans are in for a treat as the developers in Inner Sloth have confirmed that we’ll be getting a new Hide and Seek mode, cosmetics, achievements, and the anticipated Map 5.

It will be interesting to see how this new map compares since the Airship map came out to plenty of acclaim from players so Map 5 has a lot to live up to.

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Will Among Us Map 5 Finally Be Underground?

There’s a lot of speculation as to what Map 5 in Among Us will be like and Inner Sloth hasn’t really given us a lot of clues but it’s fun to speculate.

Plenty of fans think that Among Us Map 5 will be underground due to the number of maps that are in the sky or space.

It also helps that being underground also adds a sense of tension and pressure to the proceedings, while also keeping the need to have constant oxygen due to how deep the base will likely be.

Granted, Inner Sloth has yet to confirm what Map 5 in Among Us will be like but the teaser image they released did have some lab equipment, though all of the Maps have that.

We wouldn’t be too surprised if we do get an underground lab in Among Us, though it’s too early to tell if that’s what Map 5 is gonna turn out to be.

The Hide and Seek mode doesn’t exactly give us any clues since you should be able to play that in every Among Us Map currently available.

Here’s hoping that the new Map and mode freshen up Among Us as the game still has a ton of players today.

Among Us is now available on PC, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.