Among Us: How To Call An Emergency Meeting

Among Us has become a breakthrough game this year after nearly two years since launching.

Indie games have been big this year, take Fall Guys as an example!

Everyone wants to play Among Us whether it be on mobile or PC.

It's even in the top three on Twitch for games currently being streamed.

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How To Call An Emergency Meeting

Among Us is all about communication as well as deception.

The crew must complete their tasks whilst there are Imposters on the hunt to kill them.

An important tool for the crew is using the Emergency Meeting.

Using the Emergency Button will bring all players together to discuss whatever it is the person who pressed the button wants to.

The button can be found in the middle of the Cafeteria where you spawn or in the Office on the Polus map.

When the button is pressed all crewmates and Imposters will be teleported to the button to talk.

A voting screen will appear with a chat available.

This is the same system as when a dead body is reported.

Use the Emergency Meeting either when you see something suspicious or someone is following you and you feel they might be trying to kill you.

The button has a cooldown which varies in each game depending on the settings.

Some lobbies will allow players to only use the Emergency Meeting once whereas others will allow more.

If an Imposter sabotages O2, Reactor, Lights or Communications, the button cannot be pressed until the crisis is resolved.

If you're an Imposter use this to your advantage.

Be careful using the Emergency Meeting too often as people are trying to complete their tasks and may get annoyed.

If this guide helped you let us know! We also have a how-to on sabotaging, take a look by clicking here.

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