Among Us Free Pet: How To Get A Twitch Rival Glitch Pet Cosmetic For Free

Among Us the viral hit that has had everyone from kids to parents playing.

It's still got a huge player base having just come out this year.

The game is actually so popular that Twitch Rivals is holding Among Us events.

Through these streams, you can actually grab yourself a free Twitch Glitch pet!

Here's how to get one.

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Free Twitch Rivals Glitch Pet

Why is it called a Twitch Glitch pet you may ask?

It's because the logo for Twitch is actually named Glitch.

The Twitch Rivals streams will be running until December 18th so grab it while you can!

Follow the steps below to redeem it.

  1. Head to Twitch and find a Twitch Rivals Among Us stream.
  2. Watch it for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Be sure that you're logged into a Twitch account before doing this.
  4. When you've watched the stream for at least 30 minutes you should see a Claim button in the chat panel.
  5. Click it and you'll redeem the reward.
  6. If you missed the Claim button, head to your profile in the right corner and select Drops, then inventory and you'll find it there.
  7. Lastly, you need to link up your Twitch account with your Among Us account.
  8. Load the game up on any platform and head to Settings.
  9. Here, select Data and then click the Twitch logo in the corner.
  10. Now you'll arrive at a Twitch login screen, do just that and login.
  11. Select authorize and you'll now have the Twitch Glitch pet in your cosmetics!
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