Inner Sloth Working on 15 Player Lobbies for New Among Us Update

Hot on the heels of the Among Us airship update, developer Inner Sloth teased another new Among Us update with some big changes in store.

Chief among them is the inclusion of new, 15-player lobbies.

This would raise the cap on how many people you can play a round of Among Us with, something fans have requested since the game launched.

The new Among Us update would add new player colors and an “improved art style.”

Inner Sloth didn’t mention what the update would improve with the art style.

It’s not a common topic among fan groups, so that one’s a bit of a mystery.

The new Among Us update will introduce even more bug fixes and upgrades as well.

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Inner Sloth Working on New Among Us Update

There’s no word yet when we can expect the next Among Us update.

However, Inner Sloth said they’re finally catching up with all the server maintenance and fending off all the bugs that come about when your small game suddenly turns into a global phenomenon.

That means they can prioritize working on new updates, something they’ve wanted to do for a while but couldn’t handle.

Inner Sloth announced the Among Us Airship update during The Game Awards, so it’s possible we could see more Among Us during E3 2021.

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