How To Get Mods In Among Us

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Among Us was been one of 2020's biggest surprises and successes.

Now, players are potentially waiting for the brand new airship map which should be arriving very soon.

While the core components of Among Us have been the same since the game released, some players are looking to spice up their game.

Mods are a fantastic way to spice up your gameplay, and you may be wondering how to obtain them.

Here are all the ways we know how to use mods within Among Us! 



While there are not many mods within Among Us at the moment, there are some amazing ones we are going to talk about.

The first one is called the 'Sheriff' mod and it has been posted over on 

This mod features the following additions to your game: 

What does the Sheriff do?

  • He is able to kill Impostors. If he shoots a Crewmate, he will lose his life instead.

Additional Features

  • Visibility of the Sheriff can be set in the lobby game options menue
  • Playable on public Among Us Servers
  • Custom server regions to join private servers

Per, here is how you will be able to install this mod! 

  • Download the Mod for your specific game version. You are not able to launch the game if the versions do not match.
  • Make a copy of your game’s root directory (Steam/steamapps/common/Among Us) and rename it to whatever you want (Steam/steamapps/common/Among Us Sheriff Mod)
  • Extract the content of Among Us Sheriff into the copied folder you created
  • Open your modded folder and open the Game via Among Us.exe
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Popular YouTuber Socksfor1 posted a video a while back showcasing this new mod called 'Doctor'.

Check out the following video showcasing this mod and how you are able to download it! 


More Mods

We are sure in the coming weeks, Inner Sloth will be adding support mods and custom games into Among Us.

We will be sure to update this page as hear more information in the coming weeks! 



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