Returnal's Latest Patch Has Corrupted Saves - UPDATED


Good news, would-be explorers – the next patch, 1.3.4, is live.

Find out more here, and yes – it fixes the save issues.

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Returnal is a tough game any way you slice it, but it appears the latest patch made Housemarque's sci-fi roguelike even more punishing.

It appears the game's 1.3.3 patch which dropped yesterday is corrupting save files, causing a "CE-100028-1" error, as reported on the game's subreddit.

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Returnal's Latest Patch Has Corrupted Saves

While Housemarque has advised against playing the game until the next patch drops, those affected will need to re-download the entire game.

Returnal's save system has come under some scrutiny in recent days. The game is tough, yes, but with each run potentially lasting a sizeable chunk of time, fans have been calling for the ability to save their game partway through.

It's a shame because without these issues, Returnal is a damn fine game.

"With the tight gameplay that the studio is known for, along with an intriguing story and blockbuster presentation, Housemarque hits all the right spots," we said in our review.

"Returnal sits as one of PlayStation’s most unique exclusives."

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