Housemarque Announces Free Returnal DLC and Co-Op Mode

Housemarque announced free Returnal DLC during the March State of Play called Ascension that’s bringing some big changes to the grueling game. Returnal Ascension releases March 22 and adds a co-op mode for the campaign, along with an endless mode for those seeking an even greater challenge - and insight into Selene’s character.

Returnal co-op lets you call in another player to help overcome any challenge. You’re tethered together, so neither player can venture too far away, and if one player dies, the other can revive them. Assuming they don’t die in the process, that is.

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Housemarque Announces Free Returnal DLC and Co-Op Mode

Progress is tied to the host player’s game, so whoever joins for co-op will still have to clear the same challenges in their own game.

The Tower of Sisyphus in Returnal is the game’s endless mode, as Selene tries climbing to the top of this sinister structure. She’ll never make it to the top, but climbing the tower unlocks new insights into her past and the nature of the loop.

It also introduces a new boss called Algos who appears at the end of each phase in the tower and a leaderboard to keep track of how well you perform in each run.

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