The Batman's Release Date On HBO Max Has Been Revealed

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Anticipation for The Batman is building up leading up to its March 2022 release. But, many have been wondering when the DC adaptation might arrive on HBO Max.

WarnerMedia's CEO, Jason Kilar, spoke on the latest episode of Vox's Recode. While discussing the future of HBO Max, Kilar also mentioned when The Batman is coming to the streaming service.

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The Batman's Release Date On HBO Max Has Been Revealed

Matt Reeves' adaptation of the Caped Crusader will come to HBO Max on April 19, 2022. The DC adaptation will follow Warner Bros. Pictures' 45-day window between cinema launch and its arrival on HBO Max.

This strategy is nothing new, given that Disney Plus has implemented a similar minimum 45-day period, with Eternals and West Side Story coming very soon to the platform.

Close-up of the Batman's face in glowing, red light.
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Credit: Warner Bros.
The Batman (first reveal)

But it does mark a change for the WarnerMedia service, as all of 2021's releases were released day and day in cinemas and HBO Max. Movies like Dune and The Suicide Squad followed this strategy, which had a questionable impact on the box office tally of some of their tentpole films.

The Batman will be a darker take on The Dark Knight, focusing on the neo-noir and detective of the beloved character. The director has highlighted Kurt Cobain as inspiration for Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne while noting that the 2022 adaptation is the scariest take on the troubled DC mascot yet.

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