The Batman Clip Shows The Riddler Haunting Bruce Wayne at a Funeral

The Batman is right around the corner and we’ve got our first snippet of real-time footage from the film.

In the Warner Bros. clip (via ReckVinci), Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is seen attending a funeral. But the event is suddenly interrupted when a car smashes through the building almost hitting a swarm of people. The nail-biting altercation ends when a man walks out of the vehicle with a sign saying, “To The Batman”.

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The Batman Clip Shows The Riddler Haunting Bruce Wayne at a Funeral

Several members of the ensemble cast pop up during this scene, most notably Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon. Pattinson also catches the eye of a shadowy figure resembling Paul Dano's Enigma, right before the action begins.

It's an intense segment, giving a taste of the neo-noir thriller vibe Matt Reeves is aiming for. The brooding music and murkiness gives it a horror feel, laying truth to previous reports that this could be the scariest Batman movie ever. Michael Giachino’s score can also be heard in the clip, following the recent release of the DC adaptation’s main theme.

Robert Pattinson is headlining the iconic superhero this time around. Taking a darker approach to Bruce, the character has taken inspiration from several real-life figures including Kurt Cobain. It also seems like the actor may have found his next big role following the Caped Crusader.

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