All DC Universe Online Episodes Will Be Free This Summer

Daybreak Games and Dimensional Ink are making all previous DC Universe Online episodes free sometime before the next major DC Universe Online update in summer 2021.

The news came in the latest DC Universe Online development update, where the developer also promised a fitting reward for existing members to counterbalance the change.

However, there’s no news on what that bonus might be yet.

Prior to now, Daybreak experimented with several different access methods for previous episodes, including making them free for limited times.

The results “have only shown us positives as more players are able to get right into content without barriers, so on we go.”

That’s not the only major update in store either.

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All DC Universe Online Episodes Will Be Free This Summer

The spring seasonal event kicks off May 13, and the DC Universe Online summer event starts just a month later.

Once World of Flashpoint’s bonus week wraps up, the team will start work on more time capsules and Bundle 14, and Daybreak has a DC Universe Online PS5 version planned for later in the year.

The full DC Universe Online roadmap breaks it down a bit better.

A substantial, unannounced new feature will accompany the membership update and free episodes sometime in the summer, while fall will see a “new content launch” plus the usual seasonal events.

The game’s PS5 version has no clear timeline as yet, however.

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[Source: Daybreak Game Company]

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