The Batman Director Says R-Rating Was Never in Mind

The Batman is right around the corner and its PG-13 age rating has been confirmed. Some fans were confident the movie would receive a more mature rating given the film's dark previews.

Even though the DC adaptation is the scariest The Dark Knight has ever been, Matt Reeves points out that making it R-rated was never in discussions (via Den of Geek).

The Batman Director Says R-Rating Was Never in Mind

Reeves approached the DC adaptation with the intention of pushing the boundaries of the PG-13 rating:

In my mind, the movie was always going to be a gritty, edgy, noir, thrilling spectacle that was PG-13. That was always what it was, but I always knew that we’d be pushing the limits of what that could be, and so we didn’t really have to cut anything. The promotional materials that you’re seeing, they’re fully reflective of the tone of the movie.
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The Planet of the Apes filmmaker also clarifies that no R-rated cut has been planned. So don't expect an Ultimate Edition of The Batman:

There isn’t some special cut of this movie where it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, here’s the R rating that you’ve been desperately wanting.' I didn’t have to suddenly start drastically cutting the movie or anything like that.

DC has found success in the R-Rated territory, with Joker exceeding expectations and hitting $1 billion at the worldwide box office - the first mature film to achieve this.

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Both, Birds of Prey and James Gunn's The Suicide Squad followed suit. So it was possible for Warner Bros. Pictures to traverse this road once again.

DC fans shouldn't be disappointed at The Batman's rating, as the Caped Crusader's previous episodes have never gone beyond this. Like Reeves says, a lower rating doesn't mean the picture can't deal with darker themes. The Dark Knight changed superhero movies in 2008 and The Batman could very much do the same.

The Batman releases in March and you can purchase your tickets now.

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