Project 007: Release Date, Price, Trailer, Pre-Order, Story And Everything You Need To Know For The James Bond Title From IO Interactive

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James Bond is BACK on gaming platforms for the first time since 2012!

Developed by IO Interactive, who created Hitman, are in charge of developing the new take on 007 and his adventures.

Simply codenamed 'Project 007', the new game is set to begin development as IO Interactive aim to recruit Elite Talent.

With No Time To Die releasing in 2021, it's a great time to release a new game as interest begins to peak.

Here's what we know so far.

Latest News

Project 007 uses a brand-new AI engine - July 19

IO Interactive's new listing for an AI programmer says the team is using a new AI framework to create the game's interactions. It also teases this might not be a Goldeneye 007-style Bond game either. Check out the details here.

IO building a new Bond – 6th April

In a new interview with IGN, IO's CEO has been discussing the need for this new iteration of Bond to be wholly original.

Find out more here.

Release Date

There is no release date so far, but we anticipate it is releasing sometime in 2021.

You can sign up for the latest information on their website.


Nothing is known about the Project 007 story right now.

IO Interactive has claimed that it will feature a brand new and original Bond story, stepping into the shoes of the world's favourite Secret Agent to earn their 00 status in the very first James Bond origin story.

This is one of the rare occasions that we're getting a Bond game that is not based on a movie.

The earliest we've seen of Bond is in the movie Casino Royale as a new 00 agent, who only recently received his license to kill.

Will this new game lead into the events of that story?

In contrast, the newest movie (No Time To Die) appears to be the end of Daniel Craig's career. Will this video game be his swan song? Or will they opt to go with the new Bond?

Considering Craig has yet to bow out, although we all know it's coming, we can expect a different person to assume the role.

We're assuming that the role of Bond will be portrayed by their movie incarnation as they have done this for (almost) every game.

New Developers And The State Of James Bond Games

The mantle has once again been passed on to a new studio as IO Interactive take on the task of developing and publishing the latest Bond game.

It's clear the game is still in early stages, as they are currently looking for a number of positions to work on the project including a Gameplay Director, Gameplay Animator, Lead Cinematic Animator, Lead Game Designer and Senior Character Artist.

In the past, EA was well known for creating incredible Bond experiences in its prime.

Bond was a staple identity on video game consoles around the world during 1997-2005; I'm sure like myself, you'll have played a handful of these titles.

Activision then acquired the license and only created four titles in four years.

Having played all of those four games, they all had huge potential but were poorly marketed in a time when the FPS genre was very saturated and big games like Call of Duty were king.

Two stood out above the rest, Quantum of Solace and Blood Stone. Quantum of Solace was based on both the Casino Royale and proceeding Quantum of Solace movies.

Although the missions and stories were largely different from the movie, they retained the core essence and combined a two-part story well.

The multiplayer, although wildly unbalanced, was a fantastic mode in itself that would surprise a lot of players; probably because it was created with the Call of Duty 4 engine and developed by Treyarch.

Blood Stone was one of few third-person adventures and a rare occasion that it featured a unique storyline.

Personally, I loved the Blood Stone and was very underrated both with the campaign and multiplayer (although again wildly unbalanced).

It seems when developers have had the chance to start with a blank slate in Bond games, they usually churn out a good project, not being shackled by what the movies dictate.

IO Interactive could be the perfect choice to create a story about a Secret Agent, considering how well they've done with the Hitman series.

I don't think there's much more an FPS studio could bring to the mix that hasn't been done, but if IO takes it in a different direction we could have an incredible game on our hands.


IO Interactive has only released a teaser trailer so far but has certainly shown the possibilities of how good the game could look...


We anticipate the game to cost the standard £50-£60 charge most games go for at the moment.

As it arrives on next-gen platforms, we're still waiting for word on potential cost increases to new games – so it could be closer to £70.

The game is unfortunately not up for pre-order at this early stage - be sure to check back regularly for when it becomes available.


We anticipate this game to release for the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

There is a possibility that this game could release on the Switch, but Nintendo platforms aren't known for hosting more graphically demanding titles.

Still, Hitman 3 will come to Switch via cloud streaming, so it is possible.

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