Project 007 Could Be Third-Person with Even More Advanced AI than Hitman 3

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IO Interactive is still hiring for Project 007, but a recent job listing (spotted by GamesRadar) stands out the most.

It's for an AI programmer, and while the general description is of interest (more on that in a bit), it's the desired experience that could hold a big clue.


IO is looking for a programmer with experience working with third-person action games.

That might sound normal for a studio like IO, makers of Hitman 3. However, the developers gave no indication prior to now what type of game it would be.

007 is no stranger to third-person games, though IO's original take on the franchise would hopefully improve the quality some.

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Project 007 Could Be Third-Person with Even More Advanced AI than Hitman 3

Many regard Goldeneye 007 as one of the best FPS games around, but entries such as Tomorrow Never Dies opted for third person instead. They were also janky and poorly received, so Project 007 could be the first of its kind for Bond games.

That goes double for the execution. The job listing mentions IO finished creating a brand-new framework for AI behavior and is looking to implement it in Project 007 and other development projects too.


Hitman 3's AI was impressive enough when the game released in January 2021, and the prospect of an even more in-depth network of NPC choices and behavior suggests any number of possibilities for what the game could end up being like.

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[Source: IO Interactive via GamesRadar]