Zenless Zone Zero - Release date speculation, beta, and more

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Zenless Zone Zero main characters

A surprise announcement came from the Mihoyo team this month in the form of a new game called Zenless Zone Zero. Presumably developed be a separate team over at Genshin Impact studio Hoyoverse, this one has a more modern-day setting than its high fantasy sibling.

On May 13, after a countdown on the official website, Zenless Zone Zero's site launched and provides us with a lot of information about the new 'urban fantasy ARPG'. The game is a dystopian, near-apocalyptic adventure that features interdimensional monsters and strange goings-on.

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Latest news

September 16, 2022: A new trailer for Zenless Zone Zero dropped!
August 5, 2022: A beta test is going live on PC and iOS platforms.
June 10, 2022: We got a trailer for Zenless Zone Zero, showing off the smooth combat.
June 9, 2022: It is confirmed that Zenless Zone Zero will be revealed officially at Summer Game Fest!

What is Zenless Zone Zero?

Mihoyo announced Zenless Zone Zero and unveiled an official website with looks at new characters and some story elements. Zenless Zone Zero features a futuristic art style and will use an action-oriented, cinematic combat system with quick-time events. There is also the promise of a roguelike element being brought in, too.

What we know so far is that it is a new game set in a survivor city called New Eridu, and it revolves around an other-worldly crisis caused by Hollows - these are void-like bubbles that appear out of thin air across the city and contain Ethereal monsters.

In terms of characters, we know that you will play as a Proxy - a guide for the survivors of this world, who accompanies them into the Hollows to gather materials and fight the Ethereals. The website has revealed three characters so far, though they remain unnamed for now.

Last year, Mihoyo’s new Montreal-based studio said it was working on a new title, which was slated as a AAA game that features action, adventure, and shooter gameplay. Now, it seems like this is in fact Zenless Zone Zero. That said, this is just speculation on our part for now but seems to be a convenient fit.

When is the Zenless Zone Zero release date

We will need to wait until official information comes out in order to judge the release date for Zenless Zone Zero. Mihoyo’s calendar is already stuffed with Genshin Impact updates and the release of Honkai: Star Rail, so it is hard to guess when the game might land. It is likely that Hoyoverse will get Star Rail out first, and then focus on Zenless Zone Zero, placing it as a potential late 2023 or early 2024 title.

An interesting tidbit we noticed was that posts on official social media accounts have been tagged with the words "beta" and "recruitment" - this points to a beta test of the game being announced, and that players will be referred to as "recruits" to fight whatever foe is incoming.

What platforms will Zenless Zone Zero be on?

Following Mihoyo's track record for releases, it is safe to assume that this game will release on Android and iOS mobile platforms, as well as Microsoft Windows. It may follow Genshin in getting a release on certain consoles.

For now, we know that the closed beta is running on iOS and PC (Windows). Once the game is released, it is likely it will span more platforms than just these two.

Three Zenless Zone Zero characters.
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Zenless Zone Zero rumours

As of writing, the only rumours about Zenless Zone Zero seem to be about the gameplay elements and what the broadcasts on the TV mean.

For instance, the Hollows look like some sort of void or portal, possibly reaching to another dimension or time - this is corroborated by the phrase "a record of unknown time awaits your discovery", which is found in the website's description.

Potential players are speculating that this game will also feature gacha elements and therefore many characters to add to your team.


Is Zenless Zone Zero related to Honkai Impact Or Genshin Impact?

While it has been all but confirmed that Honkai and Genshin Impact are related, or at least set in the same universe, we doubt that Zenless Zone Zero will be connected at all.

The website for Zenless shows an old CRT TV - technology that does not exist in the fantasy land of Teyvat. Given the clear differences in setting, then, it seems unlikely that all three games will be connected.

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