Breath Of The Wild: How To Keep The Bow Of Light

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild is highly regarded as one of the best games over the last decade.

The masterpiece which is only playable on the Nintendo Switch is still being played for the first time by gamers all over the world.

Over the course of the game, you will encounter an ample amount of legendary weapons and other items.

One of these items is called the 'Bow of Light'.

This item would only be used during the final battle if it was not for this new glitch that has been discovered by players.

Here it is! 


Save Files

The new glitch has been discovered via a YouTube video posted by LegendofLinkk, which we will post down below.

Essentially, the glitch enables players to transfer any item from one save the file to another.

This basically means you are able to access some of the best weapons in the game on any save file whenever you want.

LegendofLinkk has used this on the Bow of Light; which is known for being one of the better weapons in the game.

Check out their YouTube video below, showcasing this new glitch! 

As well, be sure to let us know what items you would transfer over between files. 

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