Xbox Series X and Series S: How to transfer saves and data from your Xbox One

So you've just got a new Xbox Series X or S for Christmas, and you never want to play games on our old systems ever again, but our save data is trapped!

But now either you have to choose to start all over again by experience high-quality graphics, or youcan continue our adventure at a sub-par standard.

Thankfully, with the Xbox Series X and Series S, continuing where you left off with games on your Xbox One is blissfully smooth! And hopefully, it won't take too long!

Here’s how to transfer saves and data from your Xbox One to your Xbox Series X or Series S.

How to transfer saves and data

Via a Network Transfer

You can check out our cloud saves guide here for additional help, but this method should not only transfer your saves but some other data too!

First of all, you’ll need both your new and old consoles, a steady internet connection and the ability to use both at the same time.

To set up a Network Transfer, turn on your Xbox One, sign in and go to your My Games and Apps menu.

Once here you want to scroll to the bottom of the list on the left hand side and go to the Manage tab.

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We'll admit, we just thought this image was cool... Source: Xbox

Then under the Settings header on this page, you should see Network Transfer.

Selecting this will take you to the Network Transfer Settings page and you can then turn it on and select your new console.

Follow the on-screen directions from here and you should be sorted!

Via a USB Hard drive

You can also check out our guide here for how to use a USB hard drive with your Xbox Series X and Series S for games, but it is also a great transfer tool too!

Once again you’ll need both consoles to hand.

Plug a USB hard drive to your Xbox One, turn on your console, sign in, then return to your My Games and App page.

This time use the Games and Apps tabs to find games and apps you want to transfer.

When you’ve found one you want to move, press the View button (the two rectangles on top of one another to the left of the Xbox symbol) to open Manage Game.

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Not a USB, an SSD, but again it looks really cool at least! Source: Xbox

From here, press the A button on the game again and choose Move or Copy.

Finally, select the data you want to transfer from Internal to External and then press Move Selected.

Rinse and repeat and after a little bit of time, you should be set.

Then simply move the USB hard drive to your Xbox Series X or Series S and you should be set!

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