Xbox Series X Smart Delivery Games: All Confirmed Games And What We Expect To Added UPDATED

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Xbox Series X has a brand new feature called Smart Delivery, which allows consumers to get a free copy of a particular game on the next-generation console if it was purchase on an Xbox One.

Where plenty of Xbox customers may have been a little reluctant to purchase new games for the current generation system, now they can invest in the knowledge that they will be able to play their favourite games on the Xbox Series X.

While we wait to see if this an exclusive feature in the PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate, let's find out what games we will see in this new service.

What Games Are On Xbox Series X Smart Delivery?


It's likely most Microsoft titles will feature as part of the Smart Delivery system.


So what other games could potentially feature as part of the Smart Delivery system? Here's a list of potential games and ones that we would like to see utilising this feature: