Power A FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series S/X Wired Controller Review: A Complete Package That Won't Be A Good Fit For Everyone

When it comes to third party controllers for next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series S/X, you are going to struggle to find many on the market right now.

But, Power A has come out with their Fusion Pro 2 controller, designed for the new Xbox consoles, which offers a lot for its relatively cheap price when it comes to customisation, although the build of the controller and some of its features might not be a great fit for everyone.

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The Complete Package

When it comes to a controller that has all the features you could want and options to customise it to how you wish, the Fusion Pro 2 is top tier.

Complete with all the features that the regular Xbox Series S/X controller has, Power A has gone and implemented features you would have previously had to find on more expensive controllers.

Paddles, three different trigger locks, swappable thumbstick designs to fit your preference, rubberised grips, and a volume dial, it really is all here.

The image shows the Power A Fusion Pro 2 controller with the paddles popped off the back.
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The best part about all these features is that you can turn them off and on at your behest, allowing you to fit the controller to your liking.

For example, I have never used controllers with paddles before and although I tried to get used to them with the Fusion Pro 2, I couldn't. So, I just detached them from the controller and continued playing as normal.

I do think the paddles are a little bit too big though, and I would often hit them by accident when I didn't mean to.

Either way, the same goes with the Trigger Locks and swappable thumbsticks which come with a couple of different heights and convex and concave designs. The locks can be turned off and the sticks are swapped out easily by popping the front of the controller.

Build Design That Won't Work For Everyone

Where this controller falters for me is I never was able to like the build of it, even after spending dozens of hours playing.

The Fusion Pro 2 is a little bigger than the regular Xbox Series S/X controller and as someone with smaller hands, it never sat right.

Particularly, I found that where my middle fingers sat behind the triggers was particularly uncomfortable as the plastic dug against my natural resting position.

On top of that, the handles which you hold are further apart than on the normal Xbox Series S/X controller and playing for long sessions became uncomfortable with the controller.

The image shows the Power A FUSION Pro 2 controller from the front.
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Another disappointment I found with the Fusion Pro 2 is that despite having dual rumble motors and magnetic impulse triggers, the rumble in the controller feels less strong and powerful and even a bit weak.

I believe it has something to do with the fact that the Fusion Pro 2 has more plastic built into the design of the controller, which removes some of that impact you will find in the regular controller.

I tried multiple of the same actions with both the regular Series S/X controller and the Fusion Pro 2 and the latter never felt as good, which was unfortunate.


The Power A Fusion Pro 2 is definitely a package you can be and not need anything else to accompany it. Everything you could want is here for you and for the price it is a great offer.

But, the controller isn't a good fit for those with smaller hands and the disappointing rumble is a downside to using this over the regular Xbox Series S/X controller.

So, if you have large hands and want a controller that has every feature you could ask for then the Power A Fusion Pro 2 is a great choice. But, those who have smaller hands should wait around for more controllers to release.


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