WWE 2K22 Could Be Revealed At Wrestlemania 37

WWE 2K20 may have hit the canvas quicker than the victim of a 'squash match', but 2K has begun teasing something to be revealed at Wrestlemania 37 – this weekend.

The WWE 2K Twitter page shared a very short teaser promising a "special announcement" at the event, which takes place on April 10th.

WWE 2K22 Could Be Revealed At Wrestlemania 37

Check out the tweet below.

While there's no guarantee this is suggesting WWE 2K22, it certainly feels like the obvious choice. Not only did 2K skip a year following the huge disappointment of 2K21, but with 2K Battlegrounds already offering a more arcade-style of wrasslin', it seems fairly certain we'll be heading back to a sim-based square circle sometime soon.

In fact, as long as COVID-19 hasn't pushed things back, there's a good chance we'll see a new WWE 2K game this year.

Wrestlemania kicks off at 8 Eastern on April 10th and will feature matches including Roman Reigns vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan and Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair.

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