WoW Classic: Phase 6 Release Date, When Does It Start?

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Finally, Blizzard has announced the launch date for WoW Classic's Phase 6.

It looks like it may be coming sooner than players thought.


Let's find out when it will be and what Phase 6 brings to the game.

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WoW Classic Phase 6

Phase 5 is already live and with it came Arathi Basin and Zul'Gurub.


WoW Classic will receive update 1.13.6 on December 1st.

A few days later on December 3rd Naxxramas and the Scrouge Invasion will come to the game.

With this content comes Epic leg slot items with an exalted reputation in Warsong Gulch and much more.

The patch also brings some much-needed bug fixes.


One of the most exciting aspects for players is the 40 player Naxxramas raid.

The community loved this raid and adored it, that was until it was remade in Wrath of the Lich King.

With the raid comes the first Legendary caster weapon Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.

It can be obtained through boss drops and questlines.


Phase 6 brings the Scrounge invasions, so get ready to assault the Necropolises, kill bosses to earn reputation items and Necrotic Runes.

With said runes, you can grab yourself some gear such as the Gloves of Undead Cleansing.

To summarise, the patch will be live on December 1st and the Scrouge invasions and Naxxramas will come to the game on December 3rd.