World Of Warcraft Pirates' Day Holiday 2021: All Events And Cosmetics Available For One Day Only

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Pirates' Day is Blizzard's way for players to celebrate the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which happens each year on the 19th of September at 10:00 am realm time.

For one day a limited-time event will appear in Booty Bay, located in southern Stranglethron Vale, which is mostly an event for fans of role-playing, but there can be a reason for everyone to get involved.

The biggest reward for participating in this event is completing "The Captain's Booty" Achievement, which can only be completed on this one day of the year.

To complete this achievement travel to Booty Bay and share a drink with Dead Captain DeMeza, who will grant you the Dread Corsair buff for 12 hours, which makes you look like a pirate while keeping your original race, unlike Deviate Delights which turn you into a human pirate.

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World Of Warcraft Pirates' Day Holiday 2021: All Events And Cosmetics Available For One Day Only

The appearance will last for 12 hours and will not be removed upon death, shapeshifting, or when mounted.

A rare spawn Ol'Eary will spawn roughly every 30 minutes, which players can defeat for a chance at the Slightly-Chewed Insult Book, a toy that shouts pirate insults at nearby players.

The Quest You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat! can be completed to earn 5 emergency pirate outfits, which work like the buff from Dread Captain DeMeza, but can be used any time of the year for one hour.

Dread Captain DeMeza also sells a few consumable items, such as the Big Bag of Booty, and Petey, a bird you can use which will sit on your shoulder.


Players who completed the Avast Ye, Admiral! Achievement will be able to purchase the Jolly Roger toy from Edward Techt, who can be found on the Wild Shore with the buccaneer pirates.

These pirates will be hostile to players who have not gained the Bloodsail Admiral Reputation.

Pirates' Day is a fun event to participate in and is only up for one day so be sure to complete everything or you will be waiting another year for the event to come back around.

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