When Does The Black Temple Release In The Burning Crusade Classic

The Black Temple is one of the most anticipated raid releases apart of Classic WoW, where players will fight their way through the fortress to fight Lord Illidan Stormrage, who awaits players on top of the instance.

Black Temple is a 9 boss instance where players will fight against some of the greater terrors Outland has to offer.

The raid is a part of the third phase of The Burning Crusade Classic, which will also release with the Hyjal Summit raid and the third Arena Season, as per the five content phase plan.


While there is no date released for the next patch, players can expect to see this new phase early in 2022. After Phase 2 raids Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep's The Eye were released on the 15th of September, this gives plenty of time for guilds to progress through these raids.

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When Does The Black Temple Release In The Burning Crusade Classic

The Black Temple can be found to the east in Shadowmoon Valley and will require an attunement questline to enter much like many of the other 25 man raids in TBC.

Black Temple is known for Lord Illidan as the final boss who also drops the first legendary items in the expansion, The Warglaives of Azzinoth which will be desired by most melee classes and cause interesting loot discussions in almost every guild.

The release of the Black Temple will mean most of The Burning Crusade's 25 man raids will be out, only leaving Sunwell Plateau to come in Phase 5.

Phase 4 will feature Zul'aman, TBCs only 10 man raid, which will act as a break between phases 3 and 5 as there is a lot of content players will have in a row.