The Great Push Season 2 Results: A New Champion is Crowned

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The Great Push season 2 has officially ended, with the top 6 teams from over 7,500 applicants battling it out over the weekend to see who can push the highest Mythic Keystones.

Team Aster.Y have finally been rewarded after coming so close in season 1, and the Season 2 MDI Global Finals, coming out ahead in the Season 2 Great Push!

  1. Aster.Y - 174
  2. Method Sheeesh - 173
  3. Echo Guardians - 172
  4. Incarnation - 167

It came down to the final dungeon for Aster.Y, where they timed a 29 Court of Stars by 2 minutes and 35 seconds to overtake Method Sheeesh.

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The Great Push Season 2 Results: A New Champion is Crowned

Aster.Y managed to pull off a 32 in time Necrotic Wake which was a world record for the dungeon, giving them the extra points needed to win the tournament. Below you can find the results including the Keystones completed by each team:

The results for Season 2 of The Great Push in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands as Aster.Y take the tournament.
Credit: WoW Esports
The results for Season 2 of The Great Push

The great push is a fan favorite tournament that has teams push the highest keystones they can, which is different from the MDI format which has teams compete for the fastest time in a dungeon, which is normally on much lower keys.

The Great Push Season 2 officially ends the World of Warcraft competitive tournaments for the year, where fans saw The Great Push, the Mythic Dungeon International, the Arena World Championship, and the Burning Crusade Arena Tournament.

Blizzard says they will be announcing plans for the 2022 competitive season very soon, so be on the lookout for the next round of Competitive World of Warcraft Events.