Solo Queue Arena Will Have A Different Ruleset Compared To Traditional Arena

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Blizzard published an article today previewing the upcoming Solo Queue Brawl, the Solo Shuffle which is coming with patch 9.2 Eternity's End.

After a brief explanation on why Solo Queue is being tested, Blizzard spoke about the structure of games and how rewards will be given out after each game.


Each game will consist of 6 players, 4 DPS and 2 Healers and they will all play out 6 rounds consisting of different compositions, and the players who win the most games will be awarded more ratings, than those who only won a single game.

This will prevent people from leaving after a loss in the first round, and leavers will be treated as if they lost all 6 matches losing rating, and end the game.

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Solo Queue Arena Will Have A Different Ruleset Compared To Traditional Arena

Blizzard also spoke about new rules coming to ensure each game doesn't take 30 minutes to complete as there will be six rounds per game.

  1. The first team to kill an opponent will win the round.
  2. Mana regeneration will be limited, including drinking with the possibility of no drinking at all.
  3. If a player is to leave before the game ends, the final score will reflect as if they lost every round.

Blizzard wish to remind players that they are testing this feature as a brawl first, to get the system right and will be looking for feedback regarding each factor during PTR testing and beyond before it makes its way as a core feature of the game