How To Farm Grateful Offerings In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Grateful Offerings are a new currency introduced in the Shadowlands, which act as a way to purchase cosmetic items from a player's Covenant sanctum.

Grateful Offerings are earned from completing Anima Conductor's daily quests in the zone of your Covenant.

As these items are locked behind daily quest content, the best way to farm Grateful Offerings is to level your Anima Conductor to level three as soon as possible and make sure you are completing the six quests given each day.

Completing these quests each day is also a good source of extra gold, Anima, and Reputation so there are multiple benefits to clearing the map of all quests if you have the time.

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How To Farm Grateful Offerings In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

To spend the currency, players will need to travel to their chosen Covenants sanctum and find the Renown Quartermaster.

They will sell many different cosmetic items, mounts, pets, toys, and the new Memory of a Vital Sacrifice which gives the players one random unobtained legendary power.

It will also cost players Anima to purchase these items on top of the Grateful Offerings, which is why clearing the map each day is a good way to earn enough of all the currency required.

This is one of the many new currencies and systems implemented into the Shadowlands, however, it is purely cosmetic and players are not forced to farm out these items for player power, giving choice to the people who do not care for cosmetic items in World of Warcraft, which is a step up from previous expansions.

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