Click Keybinds And Mouseover Targeting Is Now A Default UI Option In World Of Warcraft Eternity's End

New content isn't all that's coming in Eternity's End, as people have begun finding new features coming to the default UI including easier ways to interact with other players during combat.

For the longest time in World of Warcraft, players have been using addons and macros to optimize their gameplay, and Blizzard has finally implemented these features into the base game themselves, making it easier and more accessible for players to use.

Click keybinds lets players "bind virtually any mouse or keyboard combination to a spell or macro" as described by the popular addon Clique, and is often used by healers to bind important healing abilities.

Mouseover macros are more common and did not require any third-party addon to use, but will also be receiving new keybinding options in 9.2. This will let players cast any ability simply by hovering their mouse over the intended player or enemy.

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Click Keybinds And Mouseover Targeting Is Now A Default UI Option In World Of Warcraft Patch 9.2

This will make creating new characters easier to set up, without needing to find a list of macros for the new class or creating a whole new profile on addons such as Clique.

Blizzard often takes the idea of certain addons and implements them into the game if they see it as a better fix to their current ideas, and these two new features definitely help improve gameplay.

This will hopefully make it more accessible for people who do not wish to take the time and set up these features early, but if it is a part of the default UI, they may consider it now.

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