Blizzard To Reverse The AoE Cap Introduced With Shadowlands In Patch 9.1.5

One of the many heavily criticized changes coming into the most recent World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands was the introduction of an "AoE cap" which would limit most classes' abilities to damage a maximum of five targets at a time.

Today Blizzard published patch notes detailing what to expect from the PTR for patch 9.1.5 over the next few months before the patch reaches the live servers.

The cap will be removed and a new system will be implemented where reduced damage will hit targets past five.

The reduced damage will scale based on how many targets are in combat with the players, doing less per hit on a pack with more enemies in it.

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Blizzard To Reverse The AoE Cap Introduced With Shadowlands In Patch 9.1.5

This change comes with other quality of life features part of patch 9.1.5, which is Blizzard's patch to "fix" Shadowlands, and so far it is looking like every player's dream.

The change was initially implemented to reduce the effectiveness of players pulling 15-20 mobs and bursting them down with a single set of cooldowns.

Not much changed and players found ways around this, meaning that fewer and fewer classes were brought to mythic+ groups as they didn't have the damage to pull massive.

This change still lets those classes who were always target capped like a fury warrior perform well on 4-5 targets, and those who are uncapped take advantage of larger pulls.

This will mean class balance will need to be looked at over the course of the PTR so players are encouraged to log on and test out their classes and provide feedback on the forums.

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