Watch Dogs Legion: Bagley's Photographs Locations

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A brand new Watch Dogs title has just released all over the world.

Watch Dogs Legion is the first title from Ubisoft to be released during the final quarter of 2020, with more coming soon.

The game itself is based in London and players are able to take control of any NPC they see around the map.

An interesting premise that will have us picking and choosing some wacky characters for sure. 

Now, one of the side missions people are running into is causing them some difficulty.

Here's how to find all of Bagley's photographs!



The mission itself will require you to find all of Bagley's Memory Fragments in the form of taking photos of locations around the map. 

There are eight in total that you have to capture, along with one extra one as the final objective. 

These are locations all over the map, and this mission can only be accessed once you complete the main story. 

The mission will begin with you receiving eight unmarked photographs, from here you will have to go out into the wild and try and find these locations all over the map.

A troubling task if you do not have a guide!



The order does not matter in which you find all of these locations.

You will know when you have completed the location as Bagley's voice will be heard via an audio clip to your player.

Powerpyx has posted a YouTube video showcasing all of the locations of Bagley's memories.

Check it out below with time codes right beneath it as well!

  • Photo #1 - 2:17
  • Photo #2 - 2:42
  • Photo #3 - 3:01
  • Photo #4 - 3:23
  • Photo #5 - 3:45
  • Photo #6 - 4:11
  • Photo #7 - 4:36
  • Photo #8 - 5:01
  • Photo #9 - 5:24


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