Blood Bowl 3: release date speculation, news, gameplay, and everything else we know so far

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Image of the Blood Bowl 3 logo.

Blood Bowl returns with a third title in the series, incorporating the latest rules from Games Workshop's popular tabletop miniatures game set in the Warhammer universe.

An alternate timeline when war has moved from the battlefield to the gridiron, Blood Bowl pits the fantasy races of Warhammer against each other in one of the most violent games of football ever imagined. Think NFL, with more blood and gore. The game has been delayed a few times, but thankfully, we have a good overview of what to expect from the developers at Cyanide Studio. For now though, here's everything you need to know about Blood Bowl 3.

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Blood Bowl 3 release date speculation

Blood Bowl 3 was originally intended for release in August 2021 but in June 2021 this was pushed back to February 2022. However, the game’s release date was pushed even further back in November 2021, with the game publisher Nacon citing development issues caused by the ongoing pandemic.

In a statement Nacon told fans:

“The pandemic has impacted production times, and these new dates will allow our development teams to give their fans polished games without compromising on our quality targets."

Blood Bowl 3 will now release "later in 2022". That seems to be edging closer, because in early June 2022 there was a closed PC beta. It suggests Blood Bowl 3 is approaching a state of completion.

Blood Bowl 3 trailers

A variety of trailers have been revealed for the game thus far. We've included some of the most significant trailers, just below, starting with the original cinematic reveal trailer released at Gamescom 2020:


Blood Bowl 3 features

Blood Bowl 3 will feature twelve different teams, compared to the eight teams Blood Bowl 2 provided.

It will contain a story-based campaign, several different multiplayer and competitive modes and features the most accurate representation of the tabletop game's rules to date.


There is a fully-featured customization system for players to modify their team and characters, and Blood Bowl 3 will continue to capture the wacky and humorous tone of the series.

All this takes place with turn-based tactical mechanics, allowing Blood Bowl players to not only play hard but play smart as well.

Blood Bowl 3 Black Orc
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ORCS: The Black Orcs are out for blood and glory


Blood Bowl 3 will be available on the PC through Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch.