Warframe's Operation: Orphix Venom Comes To All Platforms Today


Operation Orphix Venom and the Lavos Warframe are now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S/X and Nintendo Switch as well as PC.

The event will run until February 22, and players can grab a free mech for the duration of the event.

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Warframe, Digital Extremes' free-to-play title, is getting another big update in the coming weeks – and it's a little different.

That's because this time around, players will be fighting without their Warframes and stepping into a Necramech instead.

Warframe's Operation: Orphix Venom Revealed

Accessed through objectives on Deimos, one of the game's open-world hubs, you can upgrade your Necramech and use it to take on enemies in the Operation: Orphix Venom update.

The expansion will come first to PC, with a console release following later.

Catch the 50-minute dev stream below:

Lavos Warframe

Perhaps just as exciting is the new Warframe, Lavos.

Offering self-healing abilities, the "Elemental Craftsman" sounds truly deadly.

It's Ophidian Bite ability deals poison damage over time, while also healing Lavos a percentage of damage dealt.

Holding the ability allows Toxin to be added to the next ability, too.

Vial Rush drops a series of elemental vials while surging forward, dealing guaranteed status effects.

The Cold Damage can also be imbued into the next ability.

Transmutation Probe enhances any pickups it passes by, while also dealing electrical and infused damage, reducing the cooldown of other abilities.

Electricity can be added to the next ability, too.

Finally, Catalyze sends out a series of probes that deal heat damage – and guess what, the heat damage can be added to the next ability, too.

It sounds like the kind of Warframe to build a really flexible playstyle around. Check out the trailer below:


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